A new challenge every month for 2019. Start your year off right and get in on the fun. February challenge is coming right up. We will be focusing on water intake and our abs.

Each challenge will be in a private Facebook group. You will receive each day’s workout the night before. You can participate in the conversations if you want. If you don’t, that’s okay too. No worries. These groups are fun and the workouts will take around 15-20 minutes each. You will also be receiving daily posts to help you with the non-physical aspects of the challenge.

You can buy each challenge individually, or save money and buy a 3 month pack or six month pack.

Each challenge will focus on a part of the body, but will also focus on something non-physical. Sneak peek of future challenges:

February – Water – The Ripple Effect – Ab Challenge

March – Eat Better – Full Body Challenge

April – Let It Go – Mindfulness and Meditation

May – Change It Up – Motivation – Thighs and Tris

June – Quit A Bad Habit, Dump The Junk – Back It On Up – Back and Biceps

July – Sugar, Sugar – Loving yourself and plank challenge.

August – Get Smarter Challenge – Reading and Squats

September – Be Nice – Give Compliments and full body workouts

October – Picture Challenge – Push and Pull

November – Reflections and laughter – Giving Thanks and Reaching Goals

December – Keep Going – 1 percent better every day – Compassion

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