Body Image Without Prejudice is an 8 week, 3 x per week weight training program for people who want results, but don't want to spend their life in the gym or spend their life working out. It is for people who want to easily stay consistent and have fun and challenging workouts.

I developed this 8 week program because in my own experience, with most programs lasting 12 weeks, I would fall off after 8 weeks. I would feel like crap because I could never finish a program. 8 weeks is doable. It's not overwhelming. With this 8 week program you will feel accomplished. You will feel confident. You will have a positive Body Image. You will look the way YOU want to look, not the way society thinks you should look. #BodyImageWithoutPrejudice​.

These workouts are short duration with high intensity sprinkled in. These workouts are for intermediate to advanced exercisers who want to have fun and see results.

These workouts are similar to how I program my in-person clients at my studio. The workouts are fun, high energy and all last around 30 minutes.


* People who want a fast and effective workout --​ you don't have to spend hours in the gym. Less is more with this program. More is not necessary for fat loss. More is not necessary for you to see changes in your body.

* People who are looking for fun, yet challenging workouts--these workouts are my own unique style, less rest, quickly moving between exercises makes these workouts fun and challenging.

* For those with access to dumbbells and kettlebells--you don't need a whole gym in order to do these workouts.

* For those who are looking for a challenge--these workouts are not easy. Sweat will be rolling. These are for intermediate to advanced exercisers, but that doesn't mean you can't adjust to your own fitness level.


​* This is not for people who have never exercised--while the workouts can be adjusted for beginners, you should have a general knowledge of exercise terminology and lifts.

* Not for people who are training for something specific, such as a competition -- this is for people who want to feel comfortable in their own skin and want to have fun while getting in shape.

* Not for people looking for a quick fix - those of you who know me, know I believe in hard work and consistency. These workouts are high intensity and short duration and will help you get the best results. No magic here.

* Not for people who like to be in the gym for hours --if you like to hang in the gym all the time, this program is not for you.


* 8 week detailed workout program

* 24 different full length workouts, designed as 3 workouts per week, all around 30 minutes

* 8 week programming calendar, taking out any guesswork for you. It's all there for you. ​

* E-mail access to me in case you have questions regarding any of the exercises


​* How is the program delivered?  The program is delivered via PDF

* What kind of equipment do I need? you will need dumbbells and/or kettlebells. Some things can be substituted

* Do I need to belong to a gym in order to do these workouts? Nope, these can be cone at home with minimal equipment.

* Do I need to be in shape or have exercise experience? These workouts are geared toward intermediate to advanced exercisers. You do want to have some exercise experience in order to do these workouts. They can, however, be modified for any fitness level.

* Is there any coaching that goes along with these workouts? These workouts are DIY formatted. You will be able to email me with any questions about the exercises or the program.