A Little Experiment

Just for fun… I am only having one cup of coffee in the morning and then none the rest of the day. I want to see how my body reacts to less caffeine.  Normally, i can still drink coffee at 9 p.m. and go to bed and sleep just fine. In reality, I only drank 3 to 4 cups per day. Lately, I have just been feeling different.  Can’t put my finger on what it is. I just thought I would try this and then next week no coffee. I really want to explore the effects of no caffeine. Will I notice anything different? Will I sleep better or worse? Will I get bitchy and want to kill all the things? Maybe. I just feel I need to do this. However, I do love coffee and I even roast my own coffee, so this will be very strange for me. I even have a coffee cup tattoo for crying out loud. What am I thinking? I will report back with my results.

So, I have this client…

So, I have this client who comes during the 5:30 group. The conversation tonight was kind of interesting.  We started talking about movement and soreness and how certain movements make certain things hurt (not in the bad way) and how other movements make things feel better.  We were doing lying chest presses and I had them lay flat, but making sure to keep their back down on the floor during the movement.

So, I have this client, I told her to bend one knee, or both, to make sure she wasn’t compromising her back during the presses.  She said that made it feel a lot better.  Exactly what I was hoping and expecting.  Next up was a little trifecta of squats, swings and rack holds.  During squats we were talking about hamstring tightness and how we pretty much hate these damn squats.

So, I have this client, I asked her if it hurt her back at all. She said she has not had any back pain since she started doing kettlebell sessions with me. Music to my ears. I absolutely love hearing comments like that. It is so amazing to me how kettlebells help so many issues with people. They truly are magic.

So, I have this client. Her name is Amanda. She has severe scoliosis. She has no more back pain. She is amazing. She works so hard. She puts in her time and it has paid dividends for her health. I just want to tell her thank you for trusting me. Thanks Amanda!!



Don't Deny It –We Check Each Other Out

I had the opportunity this past weekend to attend the inaugural Dragon Door Health and Strength Conference in Minneapolis.  It was absolutely incredible.  The best of the best! Unreal! True icons in the business.  I can’t even put it into words.  Just incredible.  Seriously, Marty Gallagher.  Holy Shit!!!  Jen Sinkler.  Holy Shit!! Keira Newton (my mentor). Holy Shit!!  I can’t even name everyone.  The speakers were so great.

I got the chance to finally talk to Jen towards the end of the second day. She was absolutely beautiful in person. So approachable and so nice. If you do not know her, you should. She owns The Movement in Minneapolis and is a big deal in the fitness world.

So, like I said, we can’t deny it.  We really do check each other out.  I met some awesome women this weekend and I admit it, I checked them out. One of them, Shari – had the most amazing back and shoulders. Another one, Lori, was the epitome of health. Absolutely glowing. Another one, Katie, Oh Em Gee – muscles popping and so beautiful. Annie Vo, BEAUTIFUL beyond words. These women are empowering. I learned something from each and every one of them. But most of all, they were all so friendly. We all had the utmost respect for each other. There was no jealousy or envy. It was truly rooting for each other. The women of Dragon Door truly support each other. We want each other to succeed.

Back to Jen Sinkler – I was a little tentative about just walking right up and introducing myself, but hey, why not? She was amazing. Jen, as well as I, are all about empowering women, none of the- let’s be as skinny as we can bullshit. It is all about  being yourself and loving yourself, no matter what you look like. So when I got home I messaged Jen and said this, “Didn’t want to plaster this on your wall, in case you didn’t agree, but you have a huge ass and it is awesome! I mean that in the most complimentary way!”  She later posted a comment on FB, “Peggie Larsen RKC, you just made my day with the butt thing. So great to meet you…”  She truly gets the female fitness stuff and I totally love and respect her.

In reality, she made my day by being normal and wanting to empower women. I love that!

Full Circle

Hmmmmm, where to start. How about the beginning. Sixth grade. I remember it like it was yesterday. Lincoln School (now Lincoln Apartments) Her name was Annette Lenners. Very pretty. Blond hair. Very nice. We were out for recess and she was saying how after school she had to leave right away because she had to do her aerial. What the heck was an aerial? She had on a leotard under her clothes. What the heck was a leotard? I remember asking her many questions about this. Gymnastics. Wow! Where? When? How did I not know this existed? By the way, an aerial is a cartwheel with no hands, also known as awesome! (I wonder where she is now). So I signed up for summer rec gymnastics, during the summer of finishing sixth grade going into 7th. I was very athletic and very strong. I loved anything to do with this thing called gymnastics. The coach loved me. Pull-ups? No problem. 15. I did situps and pushups every night while watching TV. I would do them during commercials while my dad and I were watching TV. I lived and breathed gymantsics. I absolutely loved it. I was hooked. I worked my ass off. It was sooooooooo cool. I couldn’t believe how much fun it was. I found it. My passion. It’s all I thought about. I couldn’t stop. I constantly was practicing. One night I kept kicking up into a handstand and would not stop. I practicted and practiced. My mom told me I should stop. Why? Are you crazy? Because broken collarbone. What? How could that happen? Seriously? No gymanstics for six weeks until my collarbone healed. I remember when 7th grade season started was the day I got my brace off. Woo Hoo!!! I couldn’t wait to get back at it. My favorite was bars. So fun. And I worked my ass off in order to do an aerial. I could do a standing aerial, which meant one step and boom…no handed cartwheel. Fun!

Until that day…I don’t blame my coach, I really don’t blame anyone. It was just a part of the way it was at that time and even worse at this time. I got the talk…the you’re a little on the heavy side. You really should lose 10 pounds. Hmmm. I recall I weighed about 116 pounds at that time. Shit, I thought I looked great. Here came the body image issues. I think I was going into 9th or 10th grade. Wow. I must be a real fast ass, I remember thinking. Everyone ate like crap then. I remember before gymnastics practice eating Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and drinking Coke. Because energy. Right? Whatever. No clue about nutrition at all. I remember ordering a diet out of “Teen Magazine” (the details are amazing, no? scarred perhaps). The “diet” wasn’t bad, hindsight being 20/20. Plenty of protein. I lost a little weight, but it wasn’t enough. So… now that my body image and confidence were completely fucked, I started bingeing and purging–zero to 60. That didn’t take long. My best friend and I. Both of us. Bingeing and purging. Full blown bulimia. We figured this shit out. Eat easy to purge food. Disgusting, I know. This went on for a good year and a half to two years. I finally just quit. Why was I doing this? Because someone told me I needed to lose weight? Seriously, why let another person have that much say in my actions. Obviously, the bulimia was a control thing for me. I could control it, since I had no control over anything else. I was starting to realize how unhealthy it was. I didn’t want to be like that. I wanted to be healthy for the right reasons. I wanted to like who I was.

I have always been involved in and loved health and fitness and especially nutrition. I taught gymnastics through the summers for the summer rec program and loved helping the kids. It was so fun to watch them prgress.

Flash forward to around 2010. I finally decided to get my personal trainer certification and to pursue the kettlebell stuff, which I absolutely loved, as much as gymnastics, if not more. Being older and wiser I could see the benefit of the kettlebells and how they can change the body without the impact on the joints. Positive. All in, living and breathing kettlebells. Went to Omaha and got my HKC certification, then Santa Fe for RKC, then Dallas for RKC II. I have learned so much about myself and I have to say I am happy in my skin. I really like me.

Here is the full circle part. It is 2015 and I have had the opportunity to train six girls for the summer. A 10 week program. I did not want these girls to ever hate their bodies or be dissatisfied with how they look, or wonder if they fit in, or think they are fat. I will never tell a kid at that age they need to lose weight. I wanted these girls to have a positive experience. I wanted them to gain confidence, get stronger and be happy in their skin. I think I accomplished that. Every session with these girls I couldn’t help but think back on my experience. I did not want to scar them for life. I made sure to choose my words wisely. I was not easy on them, but at the same time, I made sure they had fun and enjoyed themselves, even though they were working hard. I hope I touched their lives in a positive way. No negatives here.

Full Circle – I know this is my path in life. This is God’s plan for me. I can feel it.

Today's Training…No Shit, Right!

I have gotten my training in two days in a row. Like that’s a big deal or anything. I have been so stressed the last oh, about three weeks. I have barely gotten any workouts in, so two in a row is a big deal for me at this point in time. The studio has moved and we are getting all settled in.  It is SO nice.  We love it.



Tuesday Training – this may look slightly familiar to a few clients.

Three Rounds

Presses 5/5

Deadlifts – 10

Goblet Squat – 5

Eccentric push up – five counts to lower – 5

Three Rounds

Walkout to plank

KB crunches

Plant Shoulder Taps


Four rounds


Fast Feet


Today’s training

Set the timer for 15 minutes and did 1/1 Turkish Get Ups