Simple, Not Easy, Challenge – Continuation through October


Simple, Not Easy, Challenge – Continuation Through October!

Here we go again!!! Who wants to hop on for this challenge? We had great results the last time I ran this challenge. Get something done this fall and take the challenge with me. 

I created this challenge because I think challenges are a great way to kickstart a love of fitness and health. I also think they are a way to help you stay consistent with your workouts and nutrition, even after the challenge concludes. I love challenging workouts and I actually like to feel a little punished at the end of a workout. These workouts are short. They are 15-20 minutes each. They are simple, not easy. They get results. You will see. 

You will receive a workout every single day through October. The workouts are short. The workouts are simple. The workouts are not easy. They are challenging. After all we are participating in a challenge. The workouts will be posted the night before in the Facebook group, so you have plenty of time to prepare for the workout. These workouts will be all new workouts. A similar approach as last time, but different workouts. 

You will also receive a simple nutrition plan. You can follow it or not. The calorie count will be around 1600-1700 daily. However, if you follow it you will see results. If you don’t follow it, you will still see body changes from the workouts. You will also more than likely notice mental changes, such as more confidence, clearer thinking and better sleeping just from doing the workouts. 

There will be a private Facebook group for everyone participating in the challenge. We will be holding each other accountable. Research has shown that when you people in your corner and when you have people you have to answer to, you naturally do better. 

In preparation for the last challenge, I sent out beta workouts. Each workout lasted 15-20 minute. Here is what the testers had to say:

“Love the length. It is perfect for my lifestyle.”

“I get bored easily and this is one reason I really like these workouts.”

“I love that these workouts are short.”

“Holy, my abs were sore, even though it didn’t seem like I did that much.” 

“Loving these workouts.”

The challenge starts Monday, October 7th and goes through the month of October. Once you are added to the group, you will find everything you need. 

The cost to join the challenge is $21.

Hit the button below and come with me!!!