Peggie Plan – Monthly Workout Subscription – weekly workouts

Hey everyone.

Are  you ready for some fun? Are you ready to be challenged? if you would like to receive workouts from me every week, right to your inbox, no hassle, no downloads, then sign up for the Peggie Plan.

You will receive 3 workouts every single week for as long as you stay subscribed. These workouts will be delivered to your inbox every Sunday, so you are prepared for the coming week.

These workouts will be kettlebell workouts, along with bodyweight and dumbbells. If you want them, but don’t “do” kettlebells, you will be able to sub other exercises.

Each workout will last about 30 minutes. Quick, because I know how hard it is to find time to workout.

You can stop receiving the workouts any time you wish. All you have to do is unsubscribe.

The workouts will be combination of strength, mobility, cardio and all around fitness. I want you to get in shape. I want you to enjoy working out. I want you to want to workout.

For less than a cup of coffee most places, you will get a high quality workout that will help bring you more confidence in your every day life. You will get a workout that will help to bring you strength in your every day life.

The cost for the monthly plan is only $15 per month. Super affordable for you to get fresh, fun and challenging workouts delivered to your inbox every single week.

When you sign up, you will begin receiving the workouts the following week.

Hop on the Peggie Plan and get ready to enjoy working out.

$15 per month. Click the button below to subscribe!