i need a drink and a quick decision


Do you ever listen to song lyrics? I mean reeaaalllly listen. The kind of song and lyrics you can’t get out of your head. No, not Row, Row, Row Your Boat (you’re welcome).

This week I have been listening to a song. It has been consuming me. I seriously cannot get it out of my head and have been listening to it non-stop! The lyrics have been percolating around in my head for days as I have been trying to find a way to tie it into fitness and nutrition. Honestly, I really just wanted to name this blog post that lyric, even if it wouldn’t have had anything to do with the blog post. I just had to. I LOVE that lyric. Buuut, I have done the ultimate. I have linked it to nutrition and fitness.

The song has the most amazing lyrics though. Not even kidding a little bit. I’m kind of obsessed if you haven’t picked up on that yet.

“Everybody’s high on consolation” —Interesting. Consolation could mean comfort, compassion, pity or encouragement. Maybe someone feels bad because you went the healthy route and have been eating better than you used to and they feel sorry for you. In reality they really feel sorry for themselves because they’re still stuck in crap food land. On the other hand, that person may be happy and encouraging you to do well and maybe you have inspired them to try harder in their journey.

“Everybody’s trying to tell me what is right for me.” Do you feel confused because you just don’t know what is good for you and what isn’t? There is so much information out there, how the hell do you know? Is fat good? Is fat bad? Are eggs good now or still bad?

“I think I got it, I got the strength to carry on.” You are feeling good. You are getting motivated. It’s working well. You feel awesome! You are working through the demons.

“I need a drink and a quick decision.” That’s the bad thing about drinking, we usually make bad decisions. Hellooooooo Cheez-Its. Usually there is something more going on. We overeat or over drink because of unresolved issues. Sort that shit out. OR we are just going all out since we made the decision to step it up. I don’t recommend this, but you can bet most of us do this. The old, I will start Monday, thing. Yeah. Knock that shit off. Just start.

“Now it’s up to me, ooh, what will be.” It’s all up to you, it’s all in your hands. You are the only one who has control of what you are going to do with your health, with your life, with anything. Nobody can do it for you.

“Let the carbon and monoxide choke my thoughts away.” Get rid of those negative thoughts that consume you. In order to move on you need to move on. That means away from negative thinking, away from self sabotage, away from feeling not good enough. Let’s get over this already. We are awesome!

“She’s gone – what went wrong, I’d pay the devil to replace her.” Pull the trigger. Break up with your old self. Break up with processed food. Break up with pop (Yep, I will call it that until I die.) Break up with the things that are holding you back. Break up with that mental chatter. Break up with the clutter. I know you can. The old life is so tempting. Don’t give in.

Have you figured out the song yet? She’s Gone by Hall and Oates. What do you think? Nutrition song or just a good old fashioned break up song?


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