So, the only thing I did in December was Swings

I put on an online kettlebell swing challenge for the month of December with clients and some former clients and a few of their friends. We did a different Kettlebell Quickie every day in December. That was the only exercise I did in December. I stretched and did some mobility work, but no other exercise; just swings. Of the 31 days in December, I missed one of the days, the day where it was 300 swings. I think missing only one day was pretty damn good. Challenges are interesting. Usually everyone is gung ho to start and thinks, “OMG, this is going to be fantastic!” Come about day 10 or so, it turns into, “OMG, this sucks ass!” This challenge did not feel like that for me. Maybe because I didn’t do any other workouts or maybe because I love kettlebells. I did wonder though if I would lose strength, or if I would gain anything just doing swings. I just tested it. I can still press the 18kg bell, no problem. I love that I didn’t lose any strength. I’ll be honest, I ate like shit for about three weeks straight with the holidays sprinkled in. Even with the crap eating, I did not gain any weight and kept up my strength. My quads and abs have more definition and that also makes me happy. I am so glad I finished this challenge. It feels great!

Kettlebells do a body good!

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