Eating Your Way Through The Holidays

How many of you start to panic when it comes time for the holidays? How many of you are afraid you are going to gain weight? How many of you feel a complete loss of control over holiday eating? Maybe you should try something a little different this year.

Stop fearing the food! Change your mindset! Instead of fearing Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, how about embrace them and celebrate the season. Celebrate the day. Eat all the things. Have a little bit of everything. Just don’t go overboard. Don’t deprive yourself of these meals. Find the balance. Have small portions of it all. What the hell is wrong with that? Nothing! If you deprive yourself of this wonderful food, you might find yourself overeating later, say maybe when you are cleaning up and nobody is around. Fill your face central. Don’t do that! Enjoy the holiday. Just don’t take up residence there. Once the day is over, you are over. Back to your normal.



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