Today's Training (June 29, 2015) and I Love My Clients

Warmup with OS resets, head nods, rocking, crawling, long lunge crawl.

Turkish Get Up 1/1

Swings – 20

Turkish Get Up 2/2

Swings – 20

Turkish Get UP 3/3

Swings – 20

Turkish Get Up 4/4

Swings – 20

Turkish Get Up 5/5

Swings – 20


I always love the comments I get from my clients. Two this last week reinforce why I love my clients and why I love what I do!

Megan – “I feel like I owe you a big thank you!  Just got my cholesterol levels back and the levels are much better!!!”

I sent Kristin a text and told her how great she looked and that I could see the confidence.  Here is her response:

“You made me cry! Thank you soooo much. I feel so amazing in so many ways and I need new clothes!! I owe it all to you!! Wish I would’ve met you years ago!!!!”

Today's Training (June 23, 2015)

Today’s workout felt awesome!! It might look a little familiar to a few of my clients.

Two Rounds

Swings – 10
Reverse Lunge 5/5
Goblet Squat – 10
1 Hand Swing 10/10

Three Rounds

Suitcase DL to Reverse Lunge – R
Press – R
SCDL to Reverse Lunge – L
Press – L

Two Rounds

Russian Twist
Dead Bug – right/right
Get Up Sit Up
Dead Bug – left/left



Hand to Hand Swings

20/10 – Two Rounds

Today's training (June 17, 2015)

warm up with OS resets…rocking and crawling 

snatch 10/10, rest 30, three rounds

Double jerk

Goblet squat

30/15. –3 rounds 


Two rounds 

Wall mountain climbers 8/7, 5/5

Dead bug —same/same, opposite/opposite 10  each

This felt good. Starting to get my strength back. Timing a little off in the jerks but that will come. 

Today's Training (June 4, 2015)

Today I actually felt energetic so thought I would take advantage of it, while I felt strong.

Lying on floor, double bell chest press ladder 1-10

Lying on floor, double bells up, single leg raise, ladder 1-10

Double kettlebell row, descending ladder 10 to 1

(performed these in order 1, 1, 10; 2, 2, 9; 3,3,8, etc…)


Swings – 15

Bell Toe Taps – 30

Three rounds


Today's Training (June 3, 2015) and A Sad Anniversary

I have been still trying to test things and see how I feel.  Just staying light and keeping the workouts short.

Warm up – OS resets

Four Rounds

Pushups, hard style – 5

BW squats – 15

Dead Bug 10/10 same and 10/10 opposite

Hand to Hand Swings 30 seconds


Today it has been 15 years since my dad died of a heart attack.  It still seems hard to believe.  He had such a great sense of humor and was so full of life.  We all still miss him.